I’d like to recommend you take care of it at the massage shop.

Hello~ I’m back to my daily life after the New Year’s holiday. What’s changed is that I’m one more year old. I think time is going by faster and faster. I feel like my skin is getting more tired and recovering slowly from day to day. Massage is the answer to the lethargy and stress of daily life. Last time, I was introduced to a good massage shop by my friend, and since I just remembered, I visited a massage shop in the Middle East.

The “Yu-hee” I visited is located 4 minutes walk from Exit 1 of Bucheon City Hall Station and 5 minutes walk from Exit 3 of Shinjung-dong Station. It’s a short walk, so I took public transportation. It would be good to note that people who bring their cars should call in advance to ask about 동작 건마 parking. It’s open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., and if your phone is turned off, it’s going to be random or closed.

Inside the aroma massage shop. The bright interior of the pink tone is a shop that women would love. Maybe because it wasn’t that old, it was a clean and cozy atmosphere. The director welcomed me kindly, and I thought the director was as bright as the shop.

There were hand sanitizers all over the shop. I watched the shop carefully and the director disinfected everywhere from time to time. These days, I have to be very sensitive to disinfection because of the corona, but I was able to get a massage with a comfortable heart because I heard that Middle East massage shops sterilize thoroughly every 2-3 hours.

The bathroom was so clean and tidy. There was a bathroom in the shop, so I didn’t have to change my shoes and go back and forth, so it wasn’t bothersome. Just like the inside of the aroma massage shop in the Middle East, the bathroom is well decorated.

There were air purifiers all over the aroma massage shop. There’s nothing like an air purifier when it’s hard to ventilate. I was relieved because the shop even thinks about the air quality.

They gave me warm tea, but they gave me my favorite chamomile tea. The subtle scent was the scent that made me feel comfortable. The tea here was especially fragrant and delicious, but I heard that you use TWG tea. There was a reason why the tea tasted so good.^^ I heard about the program at the Middle East massage shop while drinking tea.

The therapy course consisted of 90 minutes and 120,000 won for A course and 160,000 won for 2 hours for B course. Interestingly, Aroma massage shop also has waxing. It was intermediate 100,000 won and advanced 100,000 won. It’s a good place to get massage and waxing for those who get waxing in the Middle East. I decided to take the A course.

If I chose the therapy course, I could choose the oil I wanted. Aroma massage manager from the Middle East kindly explained the efficacy. There were four types, but the oil I chose was rosemary oil. Rosemary stimulates the body and mind to energize, help circulation, and help with cold hands and feet. I was really looking forward to it thinking about getting the right oil for me.

I was guided to the room to change my clothes. The aroma massage shop had to change clothes in the room, so it was very comfortable because I didn’t have to go back and forth from the dressing room. I didn’t worry about losing my clothes or belongings, and the locker was large enough to keep my luggage.

It’s an aroma massage, so I prepared disposable underwear as well. The gown at the Middle East massage shop was washed well, so it was as neat as new. The material is good, so the touch on the skin as soon as I put it on was really soft and the clothes were too light, so it was very comfortable as if I didn’t wear it.

I changed my gown and rang the bell, and they prepared me to take a foot bath in my room. I’ve never had a foot bath in a room like this before, but I felt like I was being treated like a private and comfortable person at a massage shop in the Middle East. After the foot bath, they scrubbed it. Maybe because it’s Sugar Scrub, the grains are fine and soft, so they exfoliate smoothly without irritating the skin.

When I got scrubbed, I felt better when my feet became softer and fresher. I rang the bell and the Korean massage manager from the Middle East came in to start taking care of it. He wetted me with the oil I chose, and the scent of rosemary oil still lingered at home.

As Aroma Massage briefly loosened her whole body with dryness, I heard a thud and a cool unwinding sound. I heard that you stretch when you’re stiff, but you’re an expert, so you’re good at loosening up.

He used oil to relax the muscles that are not used. He took care of the areas where I usually have a stiff neck and it was really hard to get it if the pressure was a bit strong, but the Middle East aroma massage manager didn’t have any difficulties or inconveniences while getting a massage from him. It’s been a long time since I had a refreshing treatment without getting sick.

After 10 minutes of treatment, I went to take a shower to clean up the oil. The combination of honeycomb tiles and gold shower was really pretty. The shower room was also very clean. It was as clean as if I had used it for the first time without a single bite. The cleanliness of the aroma massage shop was one of the best.

Skin care products and hair combs are also set clean.

The dryer was also Dyson, and all the facilities and electronics were using Dyson or expensive brand of products. The massage shop in the Middle East wasn’t a very expensive place, but everything was good, so I feel like I’m being treated properly and healed.

I feel much lighter after a refreshing shower. Drinking warm Rosehip makes me feel good because I feel like I’m taking a rest in my body and mind. For those of you who need a massage, I recommend you get treatment at a massage shop in the Middle East.

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