I really recommend a Korean massage shop!

Hello! Did you have a good weekend? I went on a trip with my friends for the first time in a long time, and I came here with a bad speed and body aches. I looked up the reviews for the massage because I couldn’t work the next day. I visited a Korean massage shop in Gangnam with my friend because the facilities, skills, and price are good.

The ‘Swedish Tree’ shop I visited was located two minutes’ walk from the exit of Gangnam Station. I brought a car. There are many places in this neighborhood that don’t have parking support, so it’s hard to find a free parking.

The paid parking lot is a waste of money, so I called to ask if it is possible to park at a Korean massage shop with anxiety. I was able to visit the building comfortably without 노원건마 any inconvenience in parking because they said parking was free of charge.

The Gangnam massage shop was open from 10 a.m. to 4 a.m. It’s 365 days a year, so if you make a reservation in advance, you can get a massage whenever you want. If the reservation time exceeds 10 minutes, the reservation will be canceled automatically, so you should contact me in advance if there are any changes.

The interior of the shop was modern and neat. It was a bit far from the image of the massage shop we often thought of. It’s decorated like we’re at a luxurious aesthetic shop, so I feel like I’ I heard that young customers usually come to the Korean massage shop in Gangnam. I thought I knew why you were looking for this shop.

They gave me a warm towel and tea. It was really cold on the day we visited. As I wiped my hands with a warm wet towel, my cold hands gradually melted. They gave me a boy car. It’s a taste that I keep craving for its unique savory and rich taste! I feel better because of the small sense of Korean massage shop.

While drinking tea, I chose the management that I will receive this time. There were 3 programs in Gangnam Swedish massage shop. Course A was organized into 100,000 won (back swaddish), course B 90 minutes (back/front swaddish + lymph) 130,000 won, and course C 2 hours (back/front swaddish + lymph + bar disk. There was also a course called forehand management, where two managers manage at the same time!

If I don’t solve it properly, I think I’m worse than I didn’t get it, so I’m worried about B or C. I chose course B because my skin is weak and I don’t get scrubbed easily. I’m already looking forward to the management of the Korean massage shop.

I came to the fitting room to change my clothes for treatment. The locker in the dressing room of the Korean massage shop in Gangnam is definitely spacious, so it was very convenient to store bulky and long clothes like winter clothes. It was enough to put not only clothes but also bags and luggage together.

There was a gown in the locker. Unlike normal gowns, the fluffy one looks like a hotel gown. Maybe it’s because it’s washed well, but it’s comfortable without a pleasant smell and the touch on the skin was really nice. It is said that the laundry at Gangnam massage shop is washed and sterilized directly without using the company. You were paying more attention to hygiene.

There were many kinds of foot bath at the entrance of the foot bath. The Korean massage shop was able to pick up the foot bath that I wanted. Everyone has a nice scent and a nice color, so I was really worried about which one to choose. I chose a pink foot bath.

The Gangnam massage manager released the foot bath in the right temperature water. Every time you shake your feet, the gentle scent that comes up makes your heart calm. My feet are getting warmer and my body is getting hot, but it feels like blood circulation after a long time. I felt like my fatigue and stress that had been accumulated had melted away as I relaxed my tension.

After taking a refreshing foot bath after a long time, my feet feel much lighter. I moved to my room to get my care done in earnest. The Korean massage manager in Gangnam stretched the whole body lightly. I didn’t expect much because I usually stretch when I work. He’s definitely an expert, but every head of the village has a loud sound of bones. It was embarrassing at first, but I felt more refreshed when I thought that they would release it that much.

While applying oil, you found a place where it’s First, a Korean massage therapist started the massage after testing my arm. Usually, if you get a strong massage when you get a massage, your body hurts a lot like a muscle pain, and you’ve been so tired that you haven’t been able to receive it. The Gangnam Aroma massage manager controlled the pressure first and carried out the massage so that I could receive it comfortably.

It was really refreshing to take care of the lumps. I thought it wouldn’t work out because of my weak pressure, but my shoulders got lighter and my body felt refreshed. I thought I knew the reason why Korean massage shops had a good review after falling in love with Gunma!

After the massage, I headed to the shower room to clean the remaining oil on my body. The shower room of the Korean massage shop in Gangnam was very clean without any hair.
Gangnam massage shop also has disposable products and skincare products, so it’s really convenient to finish it and come out.
A cleanly washed towel was arranged. The towels at the Korean massage shop were thick, so the water was absorbed quickly, so it was very good!
Lastly, they gave me a warm hibiscus tea. After finishing the massage, I was able to enjoy proper healing by being comfortable inside. If you want to get a proper massage, I really recommend a Korean massage shop in Gangnam!

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