It’s a place where you can experience the comfort of your whole body through the Swedish city

I’m going to recommend a massage shop in Busan Swedish this time, but I’ve been to many places, but it’s not easy to find a really good place. So there are many people who refer to it as a massage shop nomad ~ If you look at the places you recommend today and you are attracted to Gumi, you might want to visit after reservation!If you use it through the massage community, you can use it at a lower price. Please also refer to the advantages!

Busan Swedish Massage – Boa
Boa, which has a name reminiscent 천안건마 of NO.1! Boa in Busan is a Swedish massage shop, and this is also handling aroma!It is a one-person shop in Busan, so it is a place to reward the emotions of the one-person shop with a kindly treatment. It provides comfort to go to rest with tired mind and body. The location is Gwangan-dong, Suyeong-gu, Busan, and it is 5 minutes’ walk from Gwangan Station exit 5. You have to ask in advance for parking.

BoA is a 24-year-old Korean woman and a graduate of the course and road shop ace. The business hours are 12:00 pm to 12:00 pm, and the phone is turned off. In this case, it is closed or random closed day! The program has basic course and BoA recommendation course.

The basic course consists of Aroma + Shoe + Sweedish + dry, and it is 180,000 won in 80 minutes. BoA recommended course is 220,000 won because body Rome + Deep tissue is included in the basic course. Cash is the standard, and cards are available. It’s a pure management time without shower time

Busan Swedish Massage – Lime Therapy
The second recommended shop with a name that seems to have a refreshing charm is lime therapy. It features careful management that is felt in the hands and mind, and it gives comfort as well as more impression. It specializes in Swedish and Shul massages and is located near Exit 1 of Seomyeon Station, so it is a very accessible shop.

Lime therapy is a Korean massage shop in Busan. It consists of all Korean female managers. It is divided into night and weekly, and there are many management staffs because it is a large shop.

The hours are 11:00 am to 5:00 am and the detailed address is 232-15 Bujeon-dong, Jingu-gu, Busan. You should ask for parking!The program is a lime therapy course divided into 70 minutes 140,000 won T and 70 minutes 160,000 won TS

Busan Swedish Massage – Jerry
Next, I will introduce Jerry, a one-person shop full of cute charm!It is also operated as a Busan waxing shop, so I would like to recommend it to those who want low pain waxing, and it is a place where you can experience the comfort of your whole body through touching swedish

Jerry is a Korean female director and is a three-year load shop and waxing career!The business hours are from 2:00 am to 2:00 am. The address is 45 in Busan, Jingu, Busan. Unfortunately, parking is not possible and you have to park nearby!Therapies are available for sound hob healing 150,000 won, aroma holidays 180,000 won, waxing is 160,000 won for terra waxing and 200,000 won for advanced terra waxing.

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