It can be useful depending on which part of the perception

I have to live in the longevity era

Medical technology is getting better every day

Now, because of the part you eat

There are not many people who are struggling.

It is said that the number of people who live long is increasing

I haven’t thought about it

I used to watch the financial stuff on TV

Do we have to take care of it now?

I could think of it

Financial design that everyone says they do these days!

I’m so insensitive here, I’m complicated

I can’t tell you by myself

I’ve been looking at a lot of things here and there

I’m not gonna let you

I don’t know anything about him

If anyone keeps checking in from the start

I was hoping it would be okay

I mean, I’ve been really hard at math

It was the same as when you were an adult

The budgeting machine

It was complicated, so I made a quick choice first

a story about insurance premiums

a professional called Finance Korea

I’m a company, but I’ve never heard of it

Just because you can get a free consultation

I thought I’d listen to it.

There’s a lot of information on the site

I’m just saying that you’re a good organizer

to those who don’t know what to do

It was understandable

I just looked at it, and then I

I decided to consult for free

I got a call in a while

First, I talked to him on the phone a little bit

The person who helps you is really kind

I thought it would be better to consult

There was too little financial stuff

I haven’t managed it for years

I don’t think you’re gonna have to spend

I was embarrassed that it was being spent

So I was supposed to meet the manager

I decided to meet you at the cafe and heard the story

I’m just saying, you’re dressed and a professional

I really liked the first feeling

I’m not gonna tell you

You’ve been organizing and preparing for the file

I was impressed by this part

At the beginning, I was going to ask you

I wanted to hear the story

I had a thought I’d let go of

You’ve been 100 percent trusted because you’ve been telling me the story

I’m not sure I have any insurance

You gave me the right information

Cancer, the most important thing

You helped me with all the good things

The property you’re holding, the salary you’re holding

I’m not sure that the premiums are being spent

You checked, I could see it on the graph

I’ve heard this 폰테크 in detail

It’s in my head, and I don’t know what to do

I could tell exactly if it should be gone

I’m not gonna tell us

How do you plan your finances?

You told me exactly what you said

before and after marriage

Living changes a lot

Life changes, so I’m gonna have to

I’m not sure I’m going to have to replace

I could feel it

It wasn’t too late, but it started at half

I’m going to have to check it out from now on

It’s not easy to manage assets

This is how we can get

If you ask, you’ll be able to handle it

I don’t think I’ll do it

I need you to check the basics

If there’s a hard thing

You can easily solve it, so I just

I just need to be good at managing

And in detail, I’d like to ask

He told me about it

But I’m using an insurance company

They say there’s a way to make a fortune

If insurance is an accident

I remember that it was a hospital fee

You think a little bit bigger

It could be useful

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