Mood, mood, taste, taste.

The hot Apgujeong Rodeo bar, Pop fof.

Yakitori Wine Bara is a very distinctive place.

And one more reason why this place is special!

It’s right on the high floor.

The fact that the view is even good ♥£♥£♥£♥♥£♥£

Is there a wine bar here? to the point where I thought,

Pop, who was in an unexpected building.

It was located on the roof of the K Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art!

There was a sign next to the K Museum of Contemporary Art.

I’ve been to that museum about four times.

I didn’t know that on the way. It hasn’t been long.

Anyway, if you follow the sign,

This beautiful bamboo grove welcomes you.

This is actually just a space for the elevator.

There’s not much more room.

If you walk down the street, it’s just an elevator.

Anyway, if you find the sign well, there’s no problem finding the way.

So if you follow the elevator up to the sixth floor,

Apgujeong Rodeo bar fof you can meet

I was wondering what your name meant. Yakitori wine bar down.

That was a sensible name.

It’s the word for food on fire!

Apgujeong Rodeo Bar Yakitori Wine Bar Pop Fof
Best of all, this view is fantastic ㅠㅠ

Who’s going to see so many rooftop views in the middle of Gangnam?

I love how the view is so clear!

Is it because the floors below are high?

Even though it was only on the sixth floor, it had such a cool view.

The photograph is pointing east.

If you look north, you can see the Namsan Tower.

Even if it wasn’t very cold, I wanted to enjoy the rooftop space more.

Oh, well, when the weather gets warmer and the summer comes, I think we can enjoy the outdoor seats here on the terrace.

I’m gonna come back in the summer to feel the cool night breeze.

Make sure you do it!

And the terrace was nice, but the interior was very nice, and the yakitori wine bar fof.

Yakitori and wine barani.

So, one side was continuously grilling dishes such as skewers over charcoal.

You don’t let the smoke come over to the store.

He designed the interior so that you can see it.

A place with performance.

And so many natural wines,

It’s in place. ~~~

I was so thirsty that I drank beer on this day.

You should drink wine on your next visit!

And from the inside, you can see the outside through the wide window, so you can see the strength of the high floor.

The height of the floor is high, and the ceiling is so smart.

I think the atmosphere was so beautiful.

I can’t believe I can enjoy yakitori in this atmosphere!

She’s unique and sensible.

If you could introduce me to a date,

I think it’s a very satisfying house. Hehe

Oh, but one thing I need to remember here is,

Well, since it’s a very popular hot place,

Booking is a must!!!!!

But in my experience, reservations weren’t that hard.

Maybe it’s a weekday, but I made a reservation right away.

Anyway, all the seats are so popular that you might feel frustrated when you visit the walk-in.

Don’t forget to call and visit on the same day!

Apgujeong Rodeo Bar Pop Menu!

First of all, there were various menus besides skewers.

The amazing thing is that grilled green onions are the signature menu that you must eat here.

You don’t have to pay for green onions? with the confidence that

But he’s famous, so I said let’s get him to do it.

You can find the truth about the taste below. hehe

Anyway, grilled green onions, fried eggplant, chakol bibimmyeon,

There’s a skewer. Widdhari sal and Tsukune.

Originally, I wanted to order pork neck and wing skin, but I was recommended something else because I ran out of ingredients.

I’ve ordered three times. I switched to running out of ingredients.

It’s almost the first time we’ve opened, but I guess there’s not a lot of ingredients ready.

This is the yakitori menu, so please refer to it!

The price is all per piece.

And this is the liquor menu!

(Click to see the picture and you can see it bigger.)

Sparkling, orange, rose wine, white, red.

There was a wide variety of natural wines.

Other than wine, beer and Japanese sweet potato soju.

And the highball was ready.

On this day, I ordered beer because I craved beer rather than wine, but there are only two kinds of beer, but there are only two bottles left of Santori Premium Maltz left.

Well, I was embarrassed that everything I wanted to do wasn’t there.

But what can I do? I don’t have it. I’m gonna eat it.

Anyway, I ordered both bottles.

After that, I ordered Brooklyn Lager.

For your information, we don’t have draft beer, but we only have two kinds of bottled beer.

First, the upper leg meat baked with perilla leaves.

Once the skewers were placed in one dish,

It would’ve been a little longer.

The pictures are a little shabby because they all came out one by one.

Anyway, like a yakitori restaurant, grilled skewers…

It was really moist and delicious!

The fat on the legs. The fat on the top, the fat on the bottom, the fat on the inside.

It was divided into three parts.

I’ve clearly heard the difference, but I can’t remember…

Anyway, when I heard the explanation of the top leg meat with perilla leaf, it looked the most delicious, so I ordered the top leg meat.

Next is Tsukune!

Actually, I don’t like meatballs that much.

I don’t usually order tsukune when I go to a skewer restaurant.

But Tsukune’s reviews are so good here.

I ordered it out of curiosity.

(In fact, I ordered some skewers because I couldn’t order because I didn’t have any ingredients)

The soy sauce was sweet and delicious.

Especially, I love dipping Japanese soy sauce in yolk.

I enjoyed it as much as I heard it was delicious.

And she’sorry. I don’t know what it is.

Well, I was rejected and I was recommended.

Was it a neck tendon? Was it something else?

It’s been a while since I’ve been there, so I forgot ㅠㅠ

Anyway, all the skewers were delicious!

I’ll have to ask you what this is when I come back again.

The next one is finally!

fof the main menu and the menu that everyone orders.

Grilled green onions.

There’s only two letters on the menu.

Why would you order green onions? You can do it.

There’s a reason why everyone orders food.

You look so gorgeous in your visuals~!~

Especially the perilla seed pickles on top, which is a very divine move! I’ve never had perilla seed pickles in my life.

The sauce on the bottom, the chewed nuts.

No, I just baked the green onions.

I can’t believe the green onions are so delicious.

I heard the price of green onions has gone up lately. Is that why?

You look so good and you look like a real dish.

Actually, I was looking forward to seeing the picture before I got here.

It was more delicious than I expected!

Next, fried eggplant.

The visual of the fried eggplant.

I think I’m way behind the green onions.

Fried eggplants, crispy fried eggplants.

There’s plenty of Mara sauce coming out there.

Fried eggplants. It’s always delicious.

The fried eggplant melted inside the mouth and disappeared, and the outer batter was really crispy and crispy.

Mara sauce is both mara-flavored and sweet.

It was like a hot sauce.

Fries are always right!

Next, chakol bibimmyeon.

Originally, I was going to order Umami noodles.

I changed my order because of the visual of Chakol Bibimmyeon.

Like the name of Chakol Bibimmyeon, it’s a very black menu.

The identity of that black sauce is laver puree.

And charcoal oil.

And in the plastic saucepan you see behind you,

It had kelp vinegar in it.

You can add it to your taste as you try it.

Personally, it’s better if you put it in a certain amount.

It was even tastier because it tasted so good!

And there’s mugwort and paprika pickles on the side, and they were pretty good.

Oh, and it tasted like seaweed a lot.

And on the way out, there’s another night view.

Oh, this cool view is 셔츠룸 always good!

I can’t wait to be free and enjoy myself on the terrace.

And Namsan, as I mentioned earlier.

Mood, mood, taste, taste.

Apgujeong Rodeo bar poppe with all the characteristics.

I can’t wait for the day to clear up and enjoy myself on the terrace!

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