Interest rates are applied differently depending on the grade and transaction performance.

When you receive a loan, you can divide it into one financial institution and two financial institutions, among which securities firms, savings banks, and Saemaul coins are called two financial institutions. When using deposits and savings products, it helps with higher interest rates, but loan products may be burdened by high interest rates. Nevertheless, the utilization rate is still high due to low entry barriers and high approval rates than the 1 financial sector. So today, we will have time to learn about the type of credit loan in Saemaul Undong Bank and to learn about the conditions and qualifications.
Saemaeul safes? Saemaeul safes?

First of all, let’s look at what Saemaul Undong Bank is, and there is a belief that it is to create a living community that enriches individual life with local communities and lives with neighbors. The Saemaul Undong Bank is trying to provide a high quality financial service as well as a rich life. The purpose is to contribute to the development of the local community as well as the development of the national economy.
Credit loans? Credit loans?

So what is credit? When you get a loan, you can divide it into mortgage and credit. In the case of mortgage loans, when converted into money, it is secured by land or real estate with its value, and credit loans are based on comprehensive judgment of individual property, income, and status of employment. All of the types of credit loans that we will recognize today are included in this credit loan.
Saemaeul Bank Credit Loan Types Saemaeul Bank Credit Loan Types

check plus lon check plus ron

It is a credit loan that combines a negative account and a check card that can pay up to 20 million won even if there is no balance. Those who can prove their annual income are those who have been approved by the credit rating system.
Up to 20 million won can be used for one year, but it can be extended up to 5 years per year. It can be used as a negative account, and it is necessary to have ID card, certificate of employment for workers, business registration certificate for business operators, and other documents necessary for credit evaluation.
MG mood UP loan MG mood UP loan

Those with a median credit rating are those with good credit records, or those with good financial health. You should be able to prove your annual income.
You can receive up to 40 million won in amount, and the period is set differently depending on the repayment method. If it is a temporary repayment, it can be used for up to 5 years per year, and it can be used within 6 months and 5 years if it is a one-year extension.
Like Check Plus Loan, you need a certificate of employment or a business registration certificate according to your ID and work type.
credit loan

It is an unsecured credit loan that can be borrowed only with credit up to 50 million won without collateral or guarantee according to CSS grade after evaluation by personal evaluation system. As a person over 20 years of age, we need credit rating systems. All of them include payrollers, self-employed, free workers, and pensioners.
It can be borrowed up to 50 million won, and it can be used as a one-time payment, a negative account, and a principal-money installment repayment for up to 5 years.
daily repayment loan day

Next, the type of credit loan of the Saemaul Undong Bank is a product that repays a certain 폰테크 amount of money a day after receiving the loan. It is a product that you can recommend to those who are looking for a sudden loan, and you can use up to 50 million won for 30 days.
It is made up of a certain amount of principal and interest every day, and an ID card is required.
President DreamUP Loan President DreamUP Loan

It is a business loan of the Saemaul Undong Bank that provides additional limits to high-quality businesses such as credit rating, business period, and sales. The project period is more than three years and must be able to prove annual income.
The maximum limit is 60 million won, which can be used for one year at the time of temporary repayment and five years at the time of equal repayment of won (ri). The interest rate will be applied differently according to the credit rating and transaction performance.
loan-brothers loan-brothers

total arrangement
So today, I’ve had time to learn about the types of credit loans in the Saemaeul Bank, and in fact, there are also Sunshine products for low-income and low-income people

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