I’m getting a debt rush here and there

There are so many people who are really suffering from corona. As the corona caused a huge loss of jobs, the number of unemployed people increased sharply, 폰테크 and the self-employed people also closed the door, resulting in great economic damage. As this situation came, many people became interested and there were quite a lot of people to learn.
You can easily find articles that are rapidly increasing in bankruptcy in news and newspapers, and many people think that personal rehabilitation and personal bankruptcy are the same. If you do not know the difference between these two, I recommend you to know and use it from now on. In fact, many people who come to inquire often ask about personal bankruptcy.

So what are the two differences? Individual rehabilitation is a system that is designed to coordinate the legal relationship of stakeholders such as creditors to ensure the benefit of creditors along with the efficient sacrifice of debtors, if individual debtors facing economic disruption due to financial difficulties are likely to receive income continuously or repeatedly at funeral.

If you say a little more, the personal rehabilitation system is a procedure in which the individual debtor is exempted from the debt for the remaining amount if he or she reimburses a certain amount to a person who is likely to continue to earn income in the future.

So what happens to personal bankruptcy? Personal bankruptcy is a personal bankruptcy if an individual debtor is unable to repay all debts with his or her own property as a result of personal business or consumption activities, if he or she goes bankrupt to sort out his or her debts, he or she will be declared bankrupt and all debts will be canceled if the applicant is exempted.

What I call immunity here is the process of exempting all remaining debts from reimbursement and promoting the economic rehabilitation of the bankrupt. Simply put, you can see that personal rehabilitation and personal bankruptcy are completely different.

I also get a lot of questions about personal rehabilitation, and what are the advantages of personal regeneration?

You can write off the principal without the consent of the creditor.

It can be done for all debts, including bonds and private loans.

You can maintain your job and identity, such as teachers, civil servants, doctors.

You can stop and prohibit creditors from asking for and collecting.

You can hold your property, such as real estate, vehicles, deposits, etc.

You can get a certain amount of rent deposit protected.

Unlike bankruptcy immunity, you can apply for overconsumption, gambling debt, taxes, health insurance premiums, and the national year.

It is easy to change the repayment plan due to future circumstances, and special immunity is possible depending on circumstances.

The advantages above can make it more effective to apply for personal rehabilitation, but it is not easy to actually live. First of all, there must be steady income, and most of them have to be reimbursed except for the minimum amount of money needed for their lives, so it is not easy to survive as a personal rehabilitation rather than thought.

Of course, I have to be really strong because I have to endure for a certain period of time. Even if you can just get rid of your debt, you have to make money to make a monthly payment. If you do not pay for more than three months, you will be released from your personal rehabilitation, and you will be able to get the urge and collection that you have been in before, and you will be left with the debt. So you have to think about whether you are confident to endure this point.

When I briefly looked at the case, Mr. A, who raised a child, decided that it was not easy to maintain his livelihood with his husband’s income. But it was hard to find what was right when I was off to have a child, and it was even harder to find work considering these conditions because there were still children. Then, with the introduction of a friend, he recently received a recommendation saying that his cosmetics are good, and he said he is using it and selling it at the same time.

I do not have to sell it because it is difficult to sell it, and I heard that it is easy to separate profits even if I sell it through advertisements through people around me or the Internet or cafe. At first, it started to make money by selling it to people around me, and the company recommended that A be good at selling and know-how, and that he would not run a store that launches this time.But the store was not operated as I thought, and the support was really short, and the monthly fixed cost was a lot of money, so I ended up closing the business without a year, but the remaining debt was only debt

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