The CEO is a senior who worked out with me for a long time, and he has a great sense of humor.

The year 2020 has passed so fast that I don’t know how it passed due to Corona.
But now that vaccination has begun, I hope that all citizens will be freed from Corona and the day when they can take off their masks and return to their daily lives will be advanced.
Super color pastel uniform that created the sensation of jiujitsu uniform!
I took some pictures of the day the jiujitsu officers wore them in different colors.
It’s even more dazzling in person.

The CEO is a senior who worked out with me for a long time, and he has a great sense of humor.

It’s like spring has come to the mat. Attention! Presence!
Team pastel with none of the same color.
We’re still recruiting team members.~
Which color looks the strongest?

Through constant training, I build skills and confidence.
Also, if you have fun exercising, you will improve your skills.
He’s growing up physically and mentally.
With the right values, the students themselves,
Children’s drinking skills will be of great help to the right growth.
So that all the officers can exercise safely.
We are also operating the quarantine rules, so you can come with confidence in mind.
Hwang Doo-hwan, who is famous for his self-defense joojitsu diet joojitsu joojitsu,
If you register, you can take boxing classes other than jiu-jitsu classes.
Two birds with one stone.
Come and exercise anytime.~~ .
Captain Hwang Doo-hwan-jim of Jujitsu and our coaches, who are always 주짓수 passionate about it, will be able to do it.
Communicate and empathize with your members.
I will always try my best to guide you.

You don’t have to memorize or do it because you don’t have any type or frame like other sports.
However, jujitsu is a martial art that proves my value when I use the skills I learned in sparring.
Which means… You’re saying it’s good to memorize the skills you’ve learned?!

Last week, I had time to memorize the basic guard pass skills I teach.
After explaining one by one, I practiced and checked for a certain amount of time.

Girls are the best. Women’s movement

Middle school students are good at it, too.
They are not just skills that only white people learn and practice, but skills that I keep practicing from myself.
Even if it’s a simple technique, it becomes my own powerful skill if I keep working on it.

The photos and videos I post on my blog are part of it. There is a separate community in the gym, and we are uploading videos that we always monitor to improve the skills of the officials.

I hope everyone remembers the techniques and uses them for sparring.

This day’s group photo.
Everyone in sunglasses is either blind or out of focus.

Those who can express their individuality in the mat and enjoy working out and become stronger with them!
Come to Jiu-Jitsu.
A place where you can learn from the basics step by step by step by step.
A place where you can exercise safely and with consideration.
A place where people can improve their skills through steady exchanges with various colored belt officials, each branch office, and judo.
The number of jiujitsu is jiujitsu.

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