It is a representative product of Earnings.​

I recently moved to a townhouse and made a fence out of a material called Lattice.
This time, we spent a lot of money on skyning and decking.

As much as I moved to a townhouse to live on the terrace, I decided to invest in the terrace.
The sun is hot because there is no tent on the terrace like in the picture.
When the kids came in from playing, dirt came all over the living room.

I was determined to install Earnings and Deck, and I immediately received a company search and an estimate.
The construction was carried out after waiting about two weeks after the estimate.

I’ve been looking forward to this day.
The result after the construction was satisfactory.

Skyning was built in a townhouse called Yerim Hills in Mohyeon. This is where you move and install the existing folding electric anning at the location where you want to build the skyning.

This is how the lid is lit after the construction is completed.

These days, when summer is coming, many people are watching Ernning.

I’m sure he’s getting ready.

Especially today.

For folding annings, fixed annings, and skyning,

Explain the differences between form and function.

I don’t know what you’re going to choose from.

I’d like to think about it together.

Now, let’s get started.

1. Foldable earning

The annealing you see in the picture is folding annealing.

The characteristic is that it is literally a representative product of Earnings.​

Foldable annings are hand-operated manual annings.
It’s divided into remote controlled electric anning.
You can choose according to the consumer’s preference.

A lot of people are asking about the difference between manual and electricity, and that’s the difference in length.

If the horizontal size of the anning is more than 6 meters,
Electric anning, below that, manual anning.
We recommend that you install it.

Next is fixed anning.

Fixed anning is not the basic function of anning.
prioritize interior elements and advertising functions
It’s an earing.​

These days, when you’re out on the street, you’re going to get fixed
decorating the exterior of a building or hanging as a substitute for a sign.
You’ll be able to see it well.

Lastly, let’s talk about skyning.

Skyning, as you can see, is an anning that combines both basic 스카이어닝 functions and interior elements.​

Skyning also covers multi-faceted areas that cannot be covered by normal folding and fixed anning.
That’s what you can do.

In the past, high-end restaurants or hotels,
It was installed on the terrace of the cafe.
These days, even in private houses and villas,
It’s installed and commercialized.

Both the frame and the fabric used in Europe.
Imported and used.

Especially in the case of frames, using aluminum for ships,
It has the advantage of being durable and rust-free.

We’re going to stop here today because of the time we’really.
Let’s find out more next time.

I spend every day on the dirt floor. It feels like I’m being extravagant when I’m installing a high-end deck.with one’s hand up
I felt like I was spending time on the right terrace.

In addition, LEDs are installed in the evening, so you can stay comfortably in the evening.
(LEDs make you look more evening.)

I feel like I’m in townhouse, but the terrace decorations are just endless.
This was a posting about deck and earnings that I invested in.

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