I leveled up too, but I couldn’t take a picture of you.

I was originally going to write yesterday, but this week, my body has lost its taste.

And I took too many pictures and changed the topic of writing.

My teacher visited the new gym training center on Saturday!

Due to the prolonged corona, we no longer visit Yeeha’s gyms and hold seminars.

You invited the director + 2 students to the gym and changed it to a seminar.

I was called off by almost one of my directors.~

It’s clean inside.~

There’s weights.

fashion products designed by gym partner Kim

Graffiti style wall mat~

He left it up to the designer.

There’s a Boston Thayer that I raised.

I didn’t know Sandbag at first, but it’s Fairtex’s. 280,000 won per piece

Your brother, the ace of the morning division and Muay Thai director, is admiring it.

He loved it because it felt like he was hitting a real hit a real person.

There were many products from Zebra, an American high-end martial arts brand.

This is Ki, a famous martial arts fighter.

The person I knew originally was a good player and became more famous when I played last year.

That’s when they’re mass-pressing, and they’re both about 80 kilos.

And among the video clips that you uploaded before, you introduced yourself to 66 kilos in the game, and the opponent is a player who weighs 57 kilos in the game.

Next up is the inner shower.

You definitely paid a lot of attention to the interior.

Normally, this would’ve cost a lot of money, but when I asked him, he said he spent it moderately through acquaintances.

I’m sure you have to pour money to make the facilities look pretty.

These days, I felt sorry that I opened the gym with the lowest 주짓수 monthly rent and the lowest interior price.

It’s even more disappointing to visit the gym.

And start class~

The contents of the seminar were based on questions from the older brother who went with me.

Among the guard passes, you went to class under extreme pressure.

He’s listening to the explanation.

Maybe Sung-hyun is trying to show Leg Weaving.

Explaining single underpasses during stack passes ~

And the older brother who didn’t have a plan but suddenly visited!

He’s Director Life Jim from Sindorim.

My brother is famous for coaching famous players on the road. It’s often mentioned on YouTube.

Brother, level up!

I leveled up too, but I couldn’t take a picture of you.

And I’m not really interested in level-up.

Brown, of course, continues to grow, but there’s no big difference in time and time.

I’m just going to run, find a problem, change my specialty, change my guard.

Let’s hold hands together and take a picture.

Put your hands on your back.

The last close shot!

After the workout, you left first, and Sunghyun and I went home after eating pizza.

I was so happy to spar with Brown after a long time.

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